This has been long time when I last time should update this blog. And it is sad that I lost all new pictures about year 2009-2012. Well now I hope this blog works and I finally notice that now I can put photos here.
T-litter is now 3 months old. I think they all have great active and caring families! Here is some photos about July-August and I have loaded those in FaceBook puppy owners galleries...

First in pictures you see T-litters only one boy Tiger´s Daydream called "Hurja" in Finnish mean "Racy"

And girls...First Cheery Rainy Day "Pääsky" mean in Finnish "Swallow" (Bird) smiley

Pääsky lives with Sysisalaman Dynamiitti "Poppanen". "Poppanen" is our "Diva´s" sister.

Chocko Storm called "Vieno"

"Vieno" lives with 2 other dogs: tervueren "Unto" and white elgdog "Onerva"

The Emperor´s Bride called "Enni"

Enni play with Je M´Appelle Xola, who is one week older (on the right)

"Enni" and "Ia"