Me and my daughter Jenna travel to Norway and our dogs "Nana and "Duudson" take part two days Dog Show in Narvik. Here is some pictures about beautiful Narvik. We had so great Holiday day on you see smiley
Jenna and Top of the world.

Nice terrace. Here we are 600m above sea level.

So beautiful.

Here we are 1300m above sea level.

So great wiews!


Our tour to Dog Show - beautiful Skjomen fjord.

Dog show was Elvegård and I think that place is beautiest Dog Show place were I have ever been - you see!

"Duudson" runs first and back is Alytus Av Nangijala. Alytus win and was BOB both day and become N UCH. Congratulations! "Duudson" get EXC3 Saturday and EXC2 CQ res-CAC Sunday. There was 3 open class males. Third one was Odysseys Av Nangijala.

Winner dog. Behind "Duudson".

"Nana" and Jenna is waiting they turn there backround.

Pleasing :) "Nana". There was six tervueren. Nana get EXC1 on Saturday and EXC1 CQ 3rd Best Female and get CAC on Sunday! Nice surprise. Because of Best and 2nd Best Female was Champion class females.

Great great weekend with so nice wiews and nice results with dogs. Now back to home and I think need some rest